EIT activity report for
2004/10/18 daily meeting

Planner: J. Ireland

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2004/10/1514:3615:00    SSW Fast narrow ejection
2004/10/1515:1217:12   CMEWSW Brightening, possible prominence
lift-off. Faint CME.
2004/10/1519:4822:12    SW Narrow dark band of material
2004/10/1600:0007:13    SW Complicated sets of prominences
reach limb.
2004/10/1600:0007:13  10682 SE Loop activity
2004/10/1607:1919:19    SE Long slow motion: material moves
from surface, and travels along
arched path back to surface.
2004/10/1607:1919:19    SW Prominences at limb.
2004/10/1614:3615:48    W Brightening, possible eruption
2004/10/1622:0023:48    E Compact brightenings at limb
active region, loop activity.
2004/10/1622:1223:48  10682 SE Dimming associated with active region
2004/10/1700:0007:13  10682 SE Continued loop activity
2004/10/1700:0007:13  10684 E Rising loops, dynamics.
2004/10/1714:2419:19    W Dynamic material motion
2004/10/1719:4822:36  10684CMEESE Small dark loop erupts.
2004/10/1719:1323:48  10683 SE Dynamic loops, loop brightenings
2004/10/1800:0007:13    ESE Emerging region grows
2004/10/1802:4804:12   CMESW Faint loop opening, possibly
2004/10/1800:0007:13    ENE Active limb loops.

*See note on active region numbers.

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