EIT activity report for
2004/08/16 daily meeting

Planner: J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2004/08/1312:1212:36 M110656    
2004/08/1315:1215:36 C810656    
2004/08/1316:4818:57      data gap (missed X1 flare)
2004/08/1320:2421:36   CME  FC activaiton with small
faint; backside
2004/08/13        dimming region at (00, W55)
2004/08/1401:1302:00  10656   brightening in loop connecting
to area near (N10, W35)
2004/08/1403:4804:24  10656   ditto
2004/08/1404:2404:36 M210656   multiple loop brightening in
central part of AR
2004/08/1404:3605:24      data gap (C3 pol. seq.)
2004/08/1405:2407:36   CME NW faint; backside
2004/08/1405:3605:48 M710656   central part of AR
2004/08/1406:2406:48  10656   long loop brightening toward NNW
2004/08/1407:1910:00   EPL NW backside
2004/08/1408:00  M210656   slightly to SE of M7 location
2004/08/1410:00  M310656    
2004/08/1410:0010:28      data gap (C3 color seq.)
2004/08/1412:1212:48 C710656    
2004/08/1412:1213:48  10656CME SW  
2004/08/1413:4803:12  10656   FC activation, repeated surging
in filament SW of AR
2004/08/1413:4814:00 M510656    
2004/08/1415:0018:48   CME SE faint; backside
2004/08/1418:24  M110656    
2004/08/1420:4821:12  10656   jet to N along loop from AR;
possible loop eruption during
data gap between images
2004/08/1421:1221:24      faint, bifurcated jet toward S
from nondescript region @ (S20, E40)
2004/08/1501:3601:48  10660   impulsive BP brightening just NW
of AR
2004/08/1503:3604:12 C610656    
2004/08/1504:3605:12      data gap (C3 pol. seq.)
2004/08/1506:0006:12 M110656    
2004/08/1506:1206:48   EPL SW W to E motion in FC just inside
2004/08/1507:1307:36  10656   strong brightening (second peak
of M1 flare at 06:00 UT)
2004/08/1511:3611:48 M210656    
2004/08/1512:4813:25 M910656    
2004/08/1518:48  M110656   bright jet toward NW
2004/08/1522:3623:12      data gap
2004/08/1523:1223:48     SW backside
2004/08/1600:1204:00     SW backside
2004/08/1604:0004:24 M110656   compact brightenings at NE, NW
corners of AR as well as larger,
central brightening
2004/08/1605:2405:36 C910656    
2004/08/1606:4807:13     E small dimming area off limb
2004/08/1607:48   10661   bifurcated jet toward S

*See note on active region numbers.

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