EIT activity report for
2004-jan-19 daily meeting

Planner: B.J. Thompson

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2004/01/1601:1203:24   CME W Small filament eruption, large
dimming off limb
2004/01/1601:1202:12     NE Large spurt in AR on disk
2004/01/1604:0008:00     NW "anemone" evolution in AR on disk
2004/01/1620:0023:48   CME W Loop expansion, dimming off limb
2004/01/1704:2406:12   CME W Larger loop CME, dimming
2004/01/1709:2410:00  1 540  SE Large spurt in active region
2004/01/1713:3622:00     NE Very interesting filament evolution
2004/01/1715:2416:48   CME SW Off-limb CME, loop disappearing
2004/01/1717:4818:36 M51 540CME SE Flare and extended dimming to S
2004/01/1800:1200:36 M11 540  SE No apparent CME
2004/01/1817:3622:12   CME W Apparent dimming, CME (data
2004/01/1822:1223:12   CME E Small narrow CME
2004/01/1908:4811:24   CMEWSW Very interesting slow CME off limb

See note on active region numbers.

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