EIT activity report for
2004-jan-12 daily meeting

Planner: R.J. Leamon

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2004/01/0900:24+  10536   Continuous activity in central
FC of AR 10536.
2004/01/0900:2401:48 M?10534CME W Creation of short-lived, rising
bright loops.
ARM no longer recognises region on
W limb as AR 10534.
2004/01/0901:2502:00 M110537CMEESE Large flare, wave.
Wave and ejecta propagate due S.
Dimming region edged by thin, bright
fan; loops form between AR and fan
at 03:12.

Second smaller event (arcade) at
N end of AR occurs in last frame.
2004/01/0907:4808:36  10536   FC activation
2004/01/0912:1213:35      narrow filament (absorption)
disappearance @ (S15, CM)
2004/01/0912:1212:24    WNW surge becomes dark jet
2004/01/0912:48     WNW narrow jet in emission on N edge
of dark jet path
2004/01/0913:2513:48    WNW broader emission jet at same location
2004/01/0913:4815:50      dimming in area to E of disappeared
filament around (S13, E07)
2004/01/0918:0019:36  10539   FC activation, small dimming area
on NE edge of AR
2004/01/1001:1301:36 C110537   FC activation (not 10536 as per SEC)
2004/01/1003:48  C110536   loop system brightening on S edge
of AR
2004/01/1004:2404:36 C710536    
2004/01/1004:3605:24    ENE backside CME during data gap
2004/01/1008:3609:24      small emission jet from BP at
(N18, E52)
2004/01/1015:4817:13  10536   complex loop system activation
W of AR
2004/01/1022:0022:36 C110536   FC activation, ejection, dimming
NW, W of AR
2004/01/1102:2405:12    NW Small filament channel lifts up,
2004/01/11        takes off after 03:48 UT. Small
dimming area forms around it.
2004/01/1103:1403:25 C110536 SW loop evolution but no eruption
2004/01/1109:2411:24    SE Small, fast CME at limb, bright
loops afterward.
2004/01/1109:2411:48    NW apparent minor 2-ribbon flare
forms, no clear filament eruption.
2004/01/1119:1323:48  10536 SW Lots of jetting and spurting.
2004/01/1203:4806:12  10536 SW Compact eruption and evolution
2004/01/1205:0011:48    SE Large, faint filament channel
lifts off very slowly
2004/01/1207:1308:36    NE Filament channel evolving -
large mass of material "jumps"
from one end of channel to other

See note on active region numbers.

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