EIT activity report for
2003/12/29 daily meeting

Planner: B.J. Thompson / J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2003/12/2415:48       cosmic ray augers its way into the
EIT CCD, bigtime
2003/12/2422:3622:48 C210525    
2002/12/2500:0002:00      data gap
2002/12/2502:1203:24      loop brightening, arcade @ (S13, E08)
2002/12/2503:0004:00 C310525    
2002/12/2503:48   10528   loop brightening
2002/12/2505:4807:48   EPLESE large, helical surge
2002/12/2508:1209:36 C510528   starts as multiple compact events,
then larger loop system
2002/12/2512:0023:36    ESE prominence continues active
2002/12/2518:1202:48      FC activation @ (S50, E50)
2002/12/2600:1201:25  10528   dimming in loop region S of AR
2002/12/2610:3511:12 C710528   along entire neutral line
2002/12/2611:36  C110528   primarily in SW part of AR;
appears brighter in EUV than
previous event
2002/12/2617:1218:36      FC activation or BP formation and
dissipation @ (S60, W15)
2002/12/2619:2519:48 M110528    
2002/12/2619:2520:36   CMEWNW narrow event, possibly associated
with activity in AR 0531
2002/12/2622:18       CCD bakeout begins
2002/12/27        CCD bakeout
2002/12/28        CCD bakeout
2002/12/29        CCD bakeout

See note on active region numbers.

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