EIT activity report for
2003/12/15 daily meeting

Planner: J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2003/12/1212:2413:48   CMEESE faint; backside
2003/12/1218:2419:36   CME NW faint; backside
2003/12/1222:36   10520   bright jet toward SE
2003/12/1305:4806:36  10521   short, nearly transequatorial
loop system forms between AR
and 0520, then fades
2003/12/1306:3606:48     N polar jet just E of N pole
2003/12/1306:3608:48      FC activation, small dimming
area at (N20, E30)
2003/12/1311:0011:48   CMEWNW narrow; backside
2003/12/1312:1213:25      FC activation, filament eruption
@ (N53, E40)
2003/12/1313:2514:24   CME NE associated with preceding event
2003/12/1313:4814:00   CME SE  
2003/12/1314:24      S bright, angled jet at S pole
2003/12/1320:4823:48     SW prominence rising slowly in 195 Å
2003/12/1403:1206:48   EPL SW SE edge goes into emission at
06:36 UT
2003/12/1405:1208:00   CME SW  
2003/12/1411:0712:08   CME NE narrow, helmet streamer-shaped
dims, extends outward during
shutterless run
2003/12/1419:48  C110522   compact loop brightening on E edge
of AR; small dimming area to SSW
2003/12/1423:36  C210522   compact brightening
2003/12/1503:2405:12  10522   brightening, loop system growth
2003/12/1508:1209:36  10521   FC activation, eruption
2003/12/1509:2411:12  10521CME  dimming to S, WSW of AR

See note on active region numbers.

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