EIT activity report for
2003/12/09 daily meeting

Planner: R.J. Leamon

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2003/12/0811:3613:13   CMEWSW Prominence eruption.
Exact start time uncertain;
Upward motion at low velocity
starts at 05:00UT, runaway accel
at 11:36UT.
2003/12/0812:00+      Solar disk quiet now that AR10510
has rotated off the limb.
2003/12/0819:4821:48   CMEE Dynamic loop system opening/
over and just behind limb.
2003/12/0906:1211:48      Much flickering loop activity from
new AR rotating over E limb.
2003/12/0910:3611:48      Filament channel activation at
S20, central meridian.
Filament is unusually curled in
on itself.

See note on active region numbers.

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