EIT activity report for
2003/12/08 daily meeting

Planner: R.J. Leamon

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2003/12/0513:3615:12   CMEWSW backside
2003/12/0517:0017:48  10517   long FC activation, dimming to NW,
2003/12/0517:4818:47      gap in CME watch for sounding
rocket support
2003/12/0518:4723:12  10517   post-CME loops; region is now a
large rosette (anemone)
2003/12/0601:1302:24  10516CME  After gap: small flare with
nice arcade. Dimming region extends
along FC almost to SE limb.
2003/12/0606:12+  10516   New loops continue to grow from arcade.
2003/12/0610:00+ M110510   Flare, probable arcade on W limb.
No effect on higher coronal loops.
2003/12/0613:2517:12 M210510   Data Gap misses M-class flare.
2003/12/0618:1219:13  10516   Transient bright loop
(field line energisation between AR poles).
2003/12/0620:2423:12  10510   Flickering bright loops over W limb.
Higher coronal loops do increase in height,
but no eruptive activity evident.
2003/12/0701:4804:24  10510   Several small-scale bright loops over W limb.
2003/12/0703:2405:12  10516   High field line overlying FC disappears/
reconnects, leading to FC activation
coupled with/ immediately followed by AR
pole-to-pole loop brightenings.
No eruptive activity evident.
2003/12/0708:4809:48  10516   Jet to W.
2003/12/0714:1215:48  10516   Two more jets to W.
2003/12/0722:12+  10516CMEWSW And AR10519
Loops from 10519 to 10516 reconnect down to
10516 only. Slow moving material (filament?)
rises to SW.
Faint ejecta seen in C2.

See note on active region numbers.

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