EIT activity report for
2003/10/24 daily meeting

Planner: S. McIntosh

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2003/10/2302:48  M210484   Another fast jet flare.
2003/10/2305:2406:12  10484EPL  Eruptive filament at disk center.
2003/10/2307:13  M310484   Repeat of jet.
2003/10/2308:0010:24 X510486EPL  Massive flare on SE limb. Large
CME with filamentary material
and wave. Wave looks like it
disturbs AR10484, possible
oscillation in loop arcade S of it.
2003/10/2309:2410:24  10484EPL  CME and eruptive filament.
2003/10/2310:36  M210484   Repeat of jet.
2003/10/2311:48       Something is brewing on E limb.
2003/10/2312:0014:36   EPL  Large N-S Filament eruption West.
2003/10/2312:0014:00  10484   More jets from the E side of AR.
2003/10/2316:00  M110484    
2003/10/2318:36  M110484   Another brighter jet.
2003/10/2319:0023:48 X110486   Another massive flare on East
limb with CME and wave running
along the limb.
2003/10/2400:0003:00 M810486   AR10486 starts to build up
culminates with M7.9 flare, CME
and another possible limb wave.
2003/10/2400:00+  10484   More bright jets from E of AR
although now there is more cool
material being ejected too.
2003/10/2407:12  M310484EPL 
2003/10/2405:1205:36 M410486EPL  More compact M-class this time
but removes some filament material.
2003/10/2410:3611:00 M310484EPL  Bright compact jet in same
place has a dimming too.
2003/10/2415:2416:00 C910486   Flare, FCA and dimming.
2003/10/2418:48  M110486    
2003/10/2420:2420:48 C510484   Some more filament material
follows small, fast jet.
2003/10/2421:36  M110484   Significantly brighter jet.

See note on active region numbers.

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