EIT activity report for
2003/08/23 daily meeting

Planner: J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2004/08/2001:3602:24      "puff" from BP in FC @ (S22, E38)
2004/08/2004:0004:36      ditto
2004/08/2005:2405:48  10664CME  small dimming area to E of AR
2004/08/2006:2406:48  10661   compact filament eruption SSE of AR
2004/08/2014:48   10664   compact loop brightening
2004/08/2015:3616:48   CMEWSW faint, narrow; backside
2004/08/2109:1209:36  10661   compact loop brightening
2004/08/2118:0018:48      FC activatioon @ (S50, E15)
2004/08/2120:0020:48     NW disappearance of part of prominence;
appears like wave heading back into
filament on disk
2004/08/2204:3605:12      data gap (C3 pol. seq.)
2004/08/2205:1205:36  10663CME E narrow, faint; probably begins
before 05:12 UT
2004/08/2208:4810:28   CME SW faint; backside
2004/08/2216:2417:00   CME E faint; backside
2004/08/2217:0018:12  10664CME  toward S, SSE from AR, on disk
2004/08/2218:3622:24   EPL NW backside
2004/08/2222:2422:36  10664   jet toward S from W end of AR
2004/08/2303:2404:00  10661   dimming S of AR @(S05, W45)
2004/08/2305:0008:48   EPL NW backside
2004/08/2309:00      E extrmely compact brightening
on limb
2004/08/2309:1210:24   CME E narrow, faint; toward ENE

*See note on active region numbers.

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