EIT activity report for
2003/06/23 daily meeting

Planner: M. West

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2003/06/2000:1211:48      AR0380 and AR0387 are still seen
with a small amount of activity,
and some filament activity around
pos (-200,300).
2003/06/2012:0023:48      Small amount of activity.
2003/06/2012:1212:36      Significant Filament channel
2003/06/2014:4815:12 C0    Small post flare brightening.
2003/06/2100:1211:48      Alas, a very small amount of
activity AR10380 is seen just
over the limb through mass
movements and loop rearrangement,
also worth noting AR10388
Small CME off of the East limb.
2003/06/2200:1211:48      Little activity, mass movement
around AR10387 and AR10388.
2003/06/2208:4811:48      We see some filament channel
reorganization at pos(100,500).
2003/06/2212:1005:12      Small filament channel activation
just to the South of AR10388.
2003/06/2212:0014:36      Large Coronal hole region coming
to view over the Eastern limb.
2003/06/2300:1211:48      Once again little activity over
the surface. Still some filament
channel activity beneathAR10388,
and some activity around AR10387.

See note on active region numbers.

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