EIT activity report for
2003/06/11 daily meeting

Planner: M. West/S. McIntosh

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2003/06/1000:0011:48  10375   Fine loops, continually changing
in AR 10375.
2003/06/1000:4803:12      Slow CME behind SE limb.
2003/06/1003:0004:24 M110375CME  Fast ejection at N. Huge CME.
2003/06/1007:3609:12  10375EPL  Eruptive filament with
post-eruption filament loop
2003/06/1008:3609:00 M110375   Flare and possible wave in AR10375.
2003/06/1010:1411:00   CME  CME behind the SE limb.
2003/06/1012:0023:59      Continuing activity in AR10375
and newly emerged active region
on SE limb several, several
coronal hole regions emerging
over surface.
2003/06/1015:5218.05   CME  post event brightening in SE
active region.
2003/06/1016:1316:65  10375   Material flowing along loop.
2003/06/1018:1918:47  10375CME  Post event brightening.
2003/06/1018:2618:33   CME  Eruption to NW from PA 300N, 300W
2003/06/1022:4123:02  10375   Material flowing along loop.
2003/06/1023:5823:59  10375   Large brightening.
2003/06/1100:0011:58  10375   continual activity, very bright.
2003/06/1100:0000:47 X110375CME  Large brightening and following CME.
2003/06/1106:0511:58  10375   slow multiple loop eruption.
2003/06/1109:1709:17  10375   Fast jet to the North.
2003/06/1111:0011:00  10375CME  Eruption involved with loop

See note on active region numbers.

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