EIT activity report for
2003/06/02 daily meeting

Planner: S. McIntosh

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2003/05/3000:4801:12  1368    Fast compact eruption in AR10368.
2003/05/3006:0006:36 C91368    Same place as last event, just
bigger. [C9.4 in GOES]
2003/05/3006:0007:25  1368 EPL  EPL on North West Limb.
2003/05/3007;4811:36   EPL  "slinky"-like filament erupts.
2003/05/3008:0011:00 C41373 CME  Long duration eruption in
AR10373 in North East quadrant.
2003/05/3013:2513:48  1368    Compact bright ejection from
the trailing edge of AR10368.
2003/05/3016:3617:00  1368    Repeat of last event.
2003/05/3017:4819:00   CME  Fast loop eruption on the East
limb just North of equator.
2003/05/3100:2400:24  1373    VERY fast burst from AR10373.
2003/05/3100:3600:36      Similar on East limb.
2003/05/3102:2402:36 M91365    VERY fast, Bright event in
AR10365. [M9.3 in GOES]
2003/05/3106:3607:00  1373 EPL  Small, fast filament eruption.
2003/05/3107:1909:00      Wicked prominence activity on
East limb.
2003/05/3111:0111:13  1368    Fast ejection from AR10368.
2003/05/3111:0016:00      Prominence material on East limb
begins to activate.
2003/05/3116:0018:48   EPL  Violent reconfiguration of
prominece material on the limb.
2003/05/3123:1223:36      Simultaneous bursts on East and
West limbs.
2003/06/0123:3600:12      Prominece material very active
over East limb.
2003/06/0101:2502:12   EPL  Certain CME over East Limb.
2003/06/0102:1204:00   CME  Looks like all of the magnetic
flux is being recaptured in a
massive reconfiguration, follows
previous CME.
2003/06/0104:0007:36      Post-event loops form over East
2003/06/0108:0011:36   EPL  Another large CME at the South
end of this active region on the
East limb.
2003/06/0110:0010:12 013    VERY compact, fast brightening
in AR10373.
2003/06/0110:0011:18 015 EPL  Fast eruption in AR10365.
2003/06/0111:0011:48   EPL  Prominence eruption on West limb
to North of AR10365.
2003/06/0112:0017:00      Post-event loops over East limb.
2003/06/0117:3618:36   EPL  Fast brightening in AR on E. Limb.
2003/06/0121:2422:24      Another ejection over the E. Limb.
2003/06/0200:0000:00      CME watch in 195 resumes.
2003/06/0208:4809:48 03 CME  Fast, bright ejection from
AR10365 as it crosses the West limb.

See note on active region numbers.

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