EIT activity report for
2003/05/29 daily meeting

Planner: S. McIntosh

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2003/05/2700:0012:00      Same North west region contiues
to eject/pump out material.
2003/05/2700:0012:00      AR10365 is highly active with
frequenct compact brightenings.
2003/05/2701:2401:48 C21367    Compact brightening in AR10367.
2003/05/2703:0004:00 M11365 EPL  Another brightening (flare) from
AR10365, has "puffy" ejection in
304. [M1.4 in GOES]
2003/05/2706:0007:25 M21365    More post-event fireworks in AR10365
2003/05/2714:2414:24      Rapid jet - one frame NNE on Limb.
2003/05/2715:1215:36 C61365    Post event changes around
AR10365 [C5.9 in GOES]
Burst in region following
AR10362 as it dies down....
2003/05/2723:1223:48 X11365 EPL  Very bright change in AR10365
ejects a lot of filamentary
2003/05/27        material. [X1.0 in GOES]
2003/05/2800:0023:59  1365    Complex Active Region is
very bursty with many small
brightenings that are difficult
to distinguish in 304.
2003/05/2800:2401:19 X41365 EPL  Continuation of wild activity in
AR10365, this time X3.6 in GOES.
More filamentary material lifted.
2003/05/2806:0010:24   EPL  Complex prominence dancing in
the NW quadrant, eventually
2003/05/2811:4815:36   EPL  Slow steady buildup of
prominence material on the SE
limb is followed by an eruption,
with CME and what might be a wave.
2003/05/2820:3621:36  1368    Fast confined spray from AR10368.
2003/05/2900:0012:00  1365    Continues fireworks.
2003/05/2900:4801:48 X11365    Post flare brightening in
AR10365 [X 1.1 in GOES].
2003/05/2902:0002:24 M21368    Very fast bright flare in
AR10368 [M1.5 in GOES].
2003/05/2902:2404:00  1368 EPL  Previous event followed by
narrow filamentary eruption.

See note on active region numbers.

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