EIT activity report for
2003/01/21 daily meeting

Planner: J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2003/01/1701:1302:00      FC activation (N05, E00) and
toward NE
2003/01/1703:2403:36  10259   FC activation
2003/01/1704:3607:48  10260   repeated FC activations
2003/01/1713:1313:36  10259CME  dimming to E, NE of AR
2003/01/1723:24       great cosmic ray track
2003/01/1800:3601:25      FC activation just N of disk center
2003/01/1805:2406:24   CME W faint; backside
2003/01/1811:1411:25   CME S backside
2003/01/1819:1319:25  10260CME  FC activation in AR, dimming
to N of AR
2003/01/1902:2403:38   CMEWSW narrow, faint; backside
2003/01/1908:0009:12   CME W backside
2003/01/1908:1211:14      emergence of BP in S PCH
adjacent to an existing BP
2003/01/1910:2810:38   CME S narrow, faint; backside
2003/01/1920:2422:36  10257CMEWNW backside
2003/01/2005:0011:48      filament at (N40, W35) rising
slowly, preparing to erupt
2003/01/2005:3606:00  10259   activation of high loop
2003/01/2007:1307:36 C410260    
2003/01/2007:4808:36   CMENNE faint; apparently backside
2003/01/2015:0015:24   CME SW  
2003/01/2015:4818:36     NW FC at (N40, WE40) erupts;
off limb by 16:48 UT
2003/01/2017:4819:36   CME NW associated with FC eruption
2003/01/2015:2416:48   CMEESE backside
2003/01/2019:25  C110260    
2003/01/2020:0021:12   EPL NE from FC at (N25, E55)
2003/01/2020:4823:12   CME  associated with EPL; "flare"
at 21:38 is emission from bottom
of opened loops, not from an AR
2003/01/2023:2423:48 C110260    
2003/01/2023:48    EPLNNE from FC at (N45, E35)
2003/01/2101:1304:36    SSE backside
2003/01/2102:3603:00  10260CME  dimming on disk to N, NW of AR
2003/01/2102:3603:12 C810260    
2003/01/2105:3605:48     SE jet
2003/01/2105:4806:24 C410260   FC activation, followed by
compact loops brightening
2003/01/2106:0006:24  10260CME  some dimming N of AR
2003/01/2107:1308:12   EPL N filament eruption at (N60, E05);
off limb by 08:12 UT
2003/01/2108:2411:12      data gap
2003/01/2111:1211:48   CMENNE started during gap; apparently
associated with earlier EPL, but

See note on active region numbers.

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