EIT activity report for
2003/01/06 daily meeting

Planner: J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2003/01/0314:0016:24   EPL NW absorbing material in 195 Å
appears to organize itself into
two structures parallel to surface
just before eruption
2003/01/0314:48  C210234   FC activation to NE o AR as well
2003/01/0316:1219:26   CME NW toward W
2003/01/0317:4819:13  10234   FC activation, extends well to
NE of AR
2003/01/0319:48  C110243   compact loop event
2003/01/0320:4821:12 C210243   compact loop event
2003/01/0321:1222:00      data gap
2003/01/0322:2422:36 C310244    
2003/01/0407:1307:36   CME SE front- and backside-connected
2003/01/0409:3611:03  10234   FC activation
2003/01/0412:48   10242   small BP appears W of AR
2003/01/0416:0016:12  10243   FC activation ESE of AR
2003/01/0417:1218:12   CME SE compact event from AR's near limb
2003/01/0506:0006:48 C510242   multiple, compact brightenings
2003/01/0506:4807:13   CMESSW faint, narrow; backside
2003/01/0507:25      SE compact loop event on limb
2003/01/0507:3608:24   CME SE backside
2003/01/0508:0008:24  10242   BP to W of AR brightens again
2003/01/0509:3611:14      FC activation, eruption on disk
at ~ (N50, E10)
2003/01/0510:0011:14   CME  bright jet, followed by narrow
2003/01/0512:1212:24   CMESSE faint, backside
2003/01/0516:3617:24   EPL NW surge
2003/01/0606:1206:48   EPL NW surge in large prominence on limb
2003/01/0608:3609:24      FC activation near (S50, E00)
2003/01/0609:1209:48   CMESSW possibly related to 08:36 UT event
2003/01/0609:48   10255   FC activation

See note on active region numbers.

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