EIT activity report for
2002/12/23 daily meeting

Planner: K. Schenk / J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2002/12/2000:32  C510226    
2002/12/2008:3610:29 C910230CME  faint wave/dimming
2002/12/2013:1313:24 M710226    
2002/12/2013:4814:24  10228   brightening
2002/12/2018:0018:48  10230CME  produced northward dimming
2002/12/2022:2405:48   EPL  Filament channel event centered
at (N41, E06) produces
wide dual ribbon event by
01:36 UT. Wave across N PCH.
PCME loops visible by 05:24 UT.
2002/12/2100:2403:24  10229EPL  continued FC activity, followed
by eruption toward ENE
2002/12/2104:36   10229   loop brightening
2002/12/2112:36   10230   brightening to W of AR
2002/12/2113:1313:25   CMESSW jet to SSW from W edge of S PCH
2002/12/2113:2514:00  10230CME  small dimming area NNW of AR
2002/12/2123:48   10230   FC activation N of AR
2002/12/2202:12  M110223    
2002/12/2202:2404:00  10223CME NW distinct wave toward W, spanning
N to W on limb; dimming to SW of
AR by 02:48, fills in by 09:48 UT
2002/12/2211:0311:14   CMEESE faint puff just off limb; backside
2002/12/2217:2400:24    SSW appearance, twisting of prominence
on limb, but no obvious eruption;
may be part of wide, backside CME
2002/12/2218:0019:13   CME E compact, bright loop appears on
limb as backside event begins
2002/12/2219:4820:12   CME W narrow jet
2002/12/2300:48    CME SE  
2002/12/2303:1203:36   CMEESE faint; backside
2002/12/2305:1206:24      activity in loops connecting
AR's 0224, 0229
2002/12/2306:2407:25  10229   loop brightening
2002/12/2307:1308:48   CME W faint, narrow; backside
2002/12/2309:24   10224   compact loop brightenings

See note on active region numbers.

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