EIT activity report for
2002/11/25 daily meeting

Planner: J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2002/11/2212:3613:13   CME SE backside
2002/11/2215:1215:24 C310198   compact loops in NW part of AR
2002/11/2218:3618:48  10198   FC activaton to S of AR
2002/11/2222:36   10198   brightening loops in S part of AR
2002/11/2222:3623:12  10202CME NE from AR at N20 on limb
2002/11/2300:4802:00   CME NE backside
2002/11/2301:1323:48  10198   repeated, compact loop
brightenings along E-W FC
2002/11/2301:2601:48  10202EPL NE surge from AR on limb
2002/11/2308:00  C4   NE mostly over limb
2002/11/2317:4818:24   CMEENE faint; backside
2002/11/2318:0018:24  10202EPL NE surge along loop
2002/11/2320:2421:24   EPL SE starts from just inside limb
2002/11/2321:3623:48   CME  associated with EPL; weak
wave visible on disk to E of FC
2002/11/2323:2423:36  10197   bright jets toward N
2002/11/2402:1202:24 C3   NE  
2002/11/2402:36   10202EPL NE broad, dark surge
2002/11/2405:1205:48   CME SE faint; backside
2002/11/2406:0006:36  10197CMENNW bright jet toward NE
2002/11/2408:24  C410198   compact loops
2002/11/2410:0010:50  10197CMENNW two or more jets
2002/11/2414:0014:36   CME SE faint; backside
2002/11/2414:36   10202EPL NE small, dark spray
2002/11/2417:0020:00      large eruptive prominence
at (N35, E45)
2002/11/2420:2422:00   CMENNE in emission now, some dimming
near NNE limb; ejected material
takes off due N while PCMEL's form
around FC on disk
2002/11/2500:0011:48      emission grows in area on E
boundary of N PCH --- could be
rotation of a vertically extended
emission feature

See note on active region numbers.

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