EIT activity report for
2002/10/21 daily meeting

Planner: J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2002/10/1812:1213:13 C210162CMENNE compact brightening with
apparent jet to NW
2002/10/1813:3613:48   CMESSW narrow, faint
2002/10/1814:4816:24      data gap
2002/10/1821:1223:48      data gap
2002/10/1901:1302:24 C710158   probably two events;
brighter at 02:00 - 02:24 UT
2002/10/1902:2403:24   CMEWNW narrow, faint, associated
with compact loop brightening
on limb
2002/10/1910:3810:50 C210158   brightening plus filling of
larger loop structure to NW
2002/10/1913:4814:24 C110160   starts in compact loop,
extends to S of AR
2002/10/1918:0018:48 C110160   looks like emerging flux
2002/10/1920:1221:36 C510162   post-CME loops at end
2002/10/1920:1220:48  10162CME NE some features backside
2002/10/1922:0023:12  10145CMEWNW also backside
2002/10/2000:3600:48 M110162    
2002/10/2001:4802:00 C710162   flare in post-CME loop
2002/10/2002:1202:48  10162CME NE  
2002/10/2002:2402:36  10160   small emerging flux event,
probably not the C7
2002/10/2003:2404:00 M110162   starts in compact area W of AR
2002/10/2005:1205:24 M110160   fairly compact event
2002/10/2006:1206:24 C310162   small, bright jet from area to
W of AR where 03:24 UT event began
2002/10/2009:0009:12  10162   compact brightening in same area
2002/10/2009:0010:00   CMEWSW faint, narrow; backside
2002/10/2010:0010:28  10160   filament activation just E of AR
2002/10/2011:2411:36 C210162   corkscrew jet to W from EF area
W of AR
2002/10/2014:00  C510162   loop brightening in NE part of AR
2002/10/2014:1215:24   CMEENE backside; faint
2002/10/2014:2414:48 M110160   compact, E-W loop
2002/10/2016:0017:36   CMEWSW faint, narrow; backside
2002/10/2017:0017:24 C210158   loop brightening
2002/10/2018:4819:24     NW faint; backside
2002/10/2021:3622:24 C6  WSW small loop system brightening,
followed by compact PCMEL's
2002/10/2021:3622:00   CMEWSW narrow
2002/10/2100:0011:48  10162   frequent jets from rosette region
to W of original AR
2002/10/2103:36    CMEWSW  
2002/10/2104:24  C310154   very compact brightening
2002/10/2105:3606:48    WSW more bright loops emerging
2002/10/2110:0011:48      N-S FC activation, just E of CM

See note on active region numbers.

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