EIT activity report for
2002/09/16 daily meeting

Planner: S. McIntosh

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2002/09/1312:0024:00      Nothing Happening - emergence
of large prominence over North
East Limb.
2002/09/1401:4602:22 C110103   Small change in AR 103, produces
small flare [C1.7 in GOES].
2002/09/1405:4806:12 C110105   Small, but bright emission in
AR 105. Flare [C1.2 in GOES].
2002/09/1407:3607:48   CME  Jet/Spray from the region between
ARs 105 & 107.
2002/09/1409:0011:48  10115   New AR on equator is busy with a
freshly produced loop arcade.
2002/09/1411:1211:36 C110105   Tiny, but bright burst in the
center of AR 105 [C1.8 in GOES].
Followed by small post-flare
loop arcade.
2002/09/1416:0016:36  10114CME  Jet/Spray from AR 114.
2002/09/1417:1217:36 C410105   Violent, but small, change in
AR 105. Large post-flare loops.
[C4.7 in GOES]
2002/09/1420:0023:48  10114CME  Bright emission in AR 114,
by CME and slow arcade closure.
2002/09/1502:0012:00      Lots of prominence activity on
South East limb.
2002/09/1504:2404:48 C410114   Localized bright emission in
AR 114, flare. [C3.9 in GOES]
2002/09/1515:3616:12 C310114   Flare in AR 114. Followed by
brightening along loop that
looks like syphon flow.
[C3.1 in GOES]
2002/09/1517:0018:24 M110105   Long bright flare in AR 105.
[M1.0 in GOES] Expanding loops
2002/09/1518:1218:12      Large filament is stable.
2002/09/1518:2423:48   EPL  Not any more! Massive filament
eruption in North East quadrant.
Long loop arcade forms
straddling the filament channel.
2002/09/1523:3623:48 C110114   Post-flare loops in AR 114.
[C1.7 in GOES]
2002/09/1600:0006:00      Lot of activity in new arcade.
2002/09/1601:3602:00 C210114   Bright emission with Jet
Flare. [C2.1 in GOES]
2002/09/1603:0003:24 M210114   VERY bright emission from heart
of AR 114. Flare. [M2.1 in GOES]
2002/09/1603:2403:48   CME  Very faint dimming to South of
Ar 114.
2002/09/1603:2405:00 C510105CME  Filamentary material erupts
following bright emission.
Flare. [C5.1 in GOES]
2002/09/1606:2406:48   CME  Small filament eruption on East
limb, just South of equator.
2002/09/1608:4811:48 C110103   Activity on AR 103 as it crosses
onto the West limb. [C1.3 in GOES]

See note on active region numbers.

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