EIT activity report for
2002/06/04 daily meeting

Planner: B.J. Thompson

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2002/05/3100:0400:16 M4     
2002/05/3102:3303:21 C3 CME NW CME/flare from behind limb
2002/05/3122:5723:37  9978 EPL SE Small filament lifts off
East of AR 9978
2002/06/0103:5004:19 M19973 CME SE Field lines seen lifting
off above SE limb, though
it's not clear whether the
CME was connected to AR9973
or if it came from behind
the limb.
2002/06/0106:2906:47 C49979   SE  
2002/06/0107:1208:33   CME NE CME liftoff from behind limb
2002/06/0110:4410:52 M19979   SE  
2002/06/0201:1205:39   EPL NE Small filament in NE lifts
2002/06/0203:1204:36  9979 CME SE Erupting loops from AR 9979
2002/06/0204:4305:18 C49977 CME SW Small CME from AR 9977
2002/06/0205:3208:20   CME NE Loops rising/erupting from
behind NE limb
2002/06/0210:1210:47 C89977 CME SW Another small CME from AR 9977
2002/06/0211:5012:26 C99973   SE Bright Jet
2002/06/0216:0216:51  9975 CME NE Flare, small dimming
2002/06/0219:1120:00   CME NE Narrow faint CME off NE limb
2002/06/0220:3521:10 M19979 CME SE Fairly fast CME with dimming
2002/06/0312:1813:46  9975   N Filament evolution

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