EIT activity report for
2002/05/28 daily meeting

Planner: B.J. Thompson

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2002/05/2403:3604:12   CME NW Off-limb CME
2002/05/2406:3706:51 M1 9963  NE  
2002/05/2408:3610:14   CME SW Part of Southern filament erupts
2002/05/2418:1221:24   9961CME S Gradual filament eruption
very close to disk center
2002/05/2418:2419:25   9963CME NE  
2002/05/2420:3621:24 C3 9963CME NE Bright compact jet/CME?
2002/05/2502:4804:03   CME W Fast CME, broad, dimming
2002/05/2508:3617:24   9960  NW Lots of evolution, some motion
and some dimming, maybe CME
2002/05/2516:3619:48   9961CME S Eruption looks similar to
yesterday's, but no clear
filament material
2002/05/2600:0023:59   9966  N Jet activity all day
2002/05/2604:3606:36   9954CME SW CME above limb, dimming
2002/05/2611:4813:13   CME SE Quick CME above limb with
a lot of dimming
2002/05/2712:2413:25   CME NE Nice filament eruption just
NE of disk center
2002/05/2718:0018:23 M2 9957  W  
2002/05/2720:1222:12   9961CME SW Nice dimming CME
2002/05/2722:3623:24   CME NE Broad off-limb dimming/CME
2002/05/2808:2409:12   CME SW Very faint CME - several
large loops off-limb fade

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