EIT activity report for
2002/05/20 daily meeting

Planner: B.J. Thompson

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2002/05/1723:5903:47   EPL DC Lots of filament evolution in
uge filament running N-S right
disk center - probably a CME.
2002/05/1700:5501:30 M1     
2002/05/1701:2501:48   CME E Off-limb CME just S of AR 9957
2002/05/1705:1605:28 C7 9957  E  
2002/05/1707:1308:47   CME SE Sigmoid-ish eruption on disk
from a relatively quiet-looking
filament area
2002/05/1707:3608:40 M1 9957CME E Fairly fast CME and dimming
2002/05/1714:3621:36   CME W Faint CME and dimming off limb
2002/05/1715:5016:14 M2 9954CME SE  
2002/05/1716:1216:49   9961CME E Off-limb CME and dimming
2002/05/1804:0304:36   9960CME E Off-limb CME and bright Jet
2002/05/1809:1709:18 C2 9957  NE  
2002/05/1810:4212:09 C3 9955  SE  
2002/05/1815:4015:48 C3 9957CME NE Possible CME with flare
2002/05/1818:2418:33 C2 9957  NE  
2002/05/1821:1323:13   EPL N ruption just N of Disk Center
2002/05/1900:1721:52 C     C flares all day
2002/05/1919:3621:36   9948  SW Filament eruption and flare in
an interesting horseshoe shape
2002/05/1920:4723:59     SE Off-limb loop CME
2002/05/2007:1907:34 C2 9961  SE  
2002/05/2007:2908:14 C3 9961  SE AR 9961 producing many C flares

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