EIT activity report for
2002/04/29 daily meeting

Planner: K.M. Schenk

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2002/04/2600:4801:25   CME E Spray, backside.
2002/04/2601:3602:12      dimming West of FC @[N37;E19]
2002/04/2607:1309:12      dimming [N3;E15]
2002/04/2607:3609:00   CMESSW slow, backside
2002/04/2609:4811:24   CME  jet, new AR at [S14;E80]
2002/04/2613:2513:48   9914CME  jet-like, small
2002/04/2615:0024:00      JOP155 and CME Watch in 304A
2002/04/2615:3617:12   CME  spray, north of AR9912
2002/04/2617:2420:36   CME  large eruptive filament centered
at [S32;W10], post arcade
2002/04/2618:3620:12   EPL NW  
2002/04/2620:48    9924CME  CME of AR at NW end of post FC
2002/04/2701:1302:00      dimming East of AR9912 on limb.
2002/04/2710:2411:24   CME E behind limb of AR 9909/9912
2002/04/2711:0011:36 C2 9919    
2002/04/2715:3617:24 C4 9919   post event looping
2002/04/2807:3610:48   9913CME SW slow blob, AR now behind limb.
2002/04/2811:4812:12   CME SE loop cme, backside.
2002/04/2816:3619:36   CME SE slow event, backside.
2002/04/2821:4822:36   CME SE jet-like, backside.
2002/04/2822:1224:00      wide dimming NE end of filament
[S30;E18], SE of coronal hole
2002/04/2900:2401:25   9915CME  fast jet/spike
2002/04/2905:1206:00   9921CME  small event
2002/04/2905:3606:00   9915CME  jet
2002/04/2909:3610:00 C5 9919    
2002/04/2910:4811:12 C4 9919    

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