EIT activity report for
2001/11/07 daily meeting

Planner: C.A. Young

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2001/11/06        EIT CCD bakeout activities
finished first image at
00:42 UT. Still a lot of snow
from the proton storm. Difficult
to see much.
2001/11/0607:5008:03 C9 9687    
2001/11/0612:1020:47   9690   Flaring loops - there are many
C flares in GOES report w/o
assoc. ARs.
2001/11/0613:5414:04 M1 9687    
2001/11/0621:5922:06 C4 9687   sigmoid shaped
2001/11/0700:3301:13   EPL NE faint eruption w/ Post loops
2001/11/0709:5911:09   CME SE just below equator
2001/11/0706:4007:13   9687   sigmoid shaped flaring
2001/11/0709:3109:52   9690   flaring

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