EIT activity report for
2001/10/15 daily meeting

Planner: J.S. Newmark

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2001/10/1215:0016:48   CMEWSW possibly multiple events
2001/10/1300:48  C1    loop brightening in small AR
W of 9659
2001/10/1301:1301:25   CME  mini-dimming around same region
2001/10/1302:2402:48   CME W narrow
2001/10/1304:3605:24      data gap: LASCO pol. cals
2001/10/1305:2405:36 C59658    
2001/10/1306:4807:13   CMEWSW faint, backside
2001/10/1310:3811:48   EPL NE backside
2001/10/1314:0014:24      jet to SSE, PA 195°
2001/10/1317:0119:29      shutterless campaign:
no CME watch images
2001/10/1321:0001:13   CME NE large, backside
2001/10/1407:4808:24      FC activation at (N12, W52)
2001/10/1412:2414:12   CMEENE slow, faint
2001/10/1414:1217:24   EPLNNE  
2001/10/1418:3619:25     SE loop brightening on limb
2001/10/1420:48  C8   NE on limb or just behind
2001/10/1504:2405:12  9657    small filament liftoff
2001/10/1506:0008:12   CMEENE on limb/backside, faint

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