EIT activity report for
2001/09/24 daily meeting

Planner: J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2001/09/2111:4818:36      data gap
2001/09/2120:2420:36   9625CME SW small dimming area on disk
2001/09/2200:3600:48      jet to E from EFR at (N12, E55)
2001/09/2205:4009:10      data gap: DPS down
2001/09/2209:2410:28   9626CME  large dimming area N, then
NE, NW of AR; reaches N CH boundary
2001/09/2210:5011:01   EPLNNE  
2001/09/2215:2417:00      data gap: DPS down
2001/09/2217:1220:00   CME NE  
2001/09/2218:36    9632   small flare
2001/09/2219:4820:24   9633  80 rising, bright loops (PCMEL's?)
2001/09/2304:5008:40      data gap: DPS down
2001/09/2309:1211:00   CME NE faint
2001/09/2310:2811:12   9625CME SW N footpoint of front is in AR
2001/09/2312:1016:00      data gap: DPS down
2001/09/2317:1218:12   CME SW  
2001/09/2400:3601:36   CME SW  
2001/09/2401:4004:35      data gap: DPS down
2001/09/2406:12    9628   small flare (C4?); "simultaneous"
activity in 9632
2001/09/2408:0008:36   CME SW faint, narrow loop event
2001/09/2409:3611:24   9632CME SE loop expansion starts well before
X flare; extends from W to SSE;
dimming in various areas in SE
quadrant of disk
2001/09/2410:1411:00 X2 9632   long N-S loop, evolves into PCMEL's

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