EIT activity report for
2001/09/21 daily meeting

Planner: K.M.Schenk

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2001/09/2000:2400:48      activity along E border of N PCH
2001/09/2004:3605:24      unscheduled data gap
2001/09/2005:24    EPL 82  
2001/09/2005:36    CMEENE  
2001/09/2008:24    CME  sometime during data gap
2001/09/2009:3611:36   CMEENE slow, with linear front; toward SE
2001/09/2018:1219:36 M2 9631  NW AR near central meridian.
2001/09/2020:0020:48   9626CME NE Small CME. East of CM
2001/09/2022:3623:36   CME NE Large backside event.
2001/09/2101:25  C3 9620CME NE Near central meridian.
2001/09/2101:2503:48   EPL SE Prominence moves south of
AR 9632 and breaks free at SPole
2001/09/2104:4805:24 C4 9620CME CM Dimming.
2001/09/2106:4809:36   9632CME SE CME with post loops.
2001/09/2107:0007:36 C8 9631CME CM post loops.
2001/09/2107:2508:00   CME NE large jet-like. Twisting ropes.

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