EIT activity report for
2001/08/20 daily meeting

Planner: B.J. Thompson

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2001/08/1700:0700:17 C1 9581  SW  
2001/08/1700:2602:26   CME SW Large CME from behind SW limb
2001/08/1702:0006:49     S A "Dave Rust" wave (slowly
moving dark front propagating
along the field line direction)
S of disk center
2001/08/1703:3607:36   CME E Small puff from off East limb
2001/08/1710:0011:36   CME NW Filament erupts right at NW limb
2001/08/1715:0016:36   9575CME DC Bright spurt/filament from AR
9575 right at disk center
2001/08/1719:1322:36   CME NE Filament evolution /CME (?) NE
of disk center
2001/08/1802:0003:48   9581CME SW CME/flare/dimming
2001/08/1803:2212:59 C* 9582  NE C-flares all morning
2001/08/1813:3814:48   9570CME W CME/bright material at W limb
2001/08/1902:4805:24   CME E Opening field lines/CME at E limb
2001/08/1903:2407:48   CME NW Nice filament eruption & loops
2001/08/1906:2510:00   9581CME SW Evolution /expansion / possible
2001/08/1908:0013:26   CMEESE Slowly opening loops off East
and ESE limb
2001/08/1920:0021:36   CME E Another faster CME from same
2001/08/1923:1223:48   CME N Filament eruption / growing
brightening North of disk center
2001/08/2005:1605:34 C2 9582  NE  
2001/08/2008:0011:12   CMEWSW Expanding loops, possible CME
from behind limb
2001/08/2008:1708:25 C3 9582  NE  

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