EIT activity report for
2001/04/23 daily meeting

Planner: C.A. Young

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2001/04/2003:12    CME SE Small CME. May have triggered
the prominence eruption
shortly after.
2001/04/2005:1206:12 M1 9433CME NE Large post flare loops.
2001/04/2007:13  C2 9433CME NE  
2001/04/2007:1308:48   9435  SE Transient dimming around AR. Arcade.
2001/04/2007:4811:48   EPL NE Large filament eruption behind
and over limb. Slow eruption
breaks free @ 09:24 UT.
2001/04/2016:3617:24   CME W limb
2001/04/20        lots of transient activity
in AR9431,32,33,35
2001/04/2304:27  C5 9433    
2001/04/2304:2705:21   CME W limb
2001/04/2305:3206:49   EPL NW limb
2001/04/2308:0409:09   9433EPL  nice filament eruption (?9433)
2001/04/2308:0409:09   EPLSSE filament eruption w/ PFL
2001/04/2311:5412:10   EPL W brief eruption on limb, lasso
shaped filament
2001/04/2313:1013:37   CME S behind limb
2001/04/2313:4314:21   CME  (maybe separate event)
2001/04/2204:4605:42   CME S backside
2001/04/2205:2008:27   CME SW backside
2001/04/2217:42      SW dimming on disk
2001/04/2220:4721:20 M3 9433    
2001/04/2220:4722:57   9433CME  dimming on W edge of AR
2001/04/2300:1400:46   EPL NW filament erup. on disk
2001/04/2300:1401:30   CME S limb
2001/04/2302:5703:40   CME W limb
2001/04/2301:3002:13 M19433    
2001/04/2307:0107:39   CME SW limb
2001/04/2310:1210:39 C99433     

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