EIT activity report for
2001/04/04 daily meeting

Planner: K.M.Schenk

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2001/04/0300:48       Proton storm. From yesterday's X17?
2001/04/0301:3603:24   CME NE Small, above the limb
2001/04/0303:1204:36 X1 CME SE Fast, large event. prominence
eruption from 03:24 to 04:12
X1 flare starts at 03:24
2001/04/0305:2406:24   EPL SW From the AR on the SW limb
2001/04/0313:0414:36   9418  NE Brightning over limb.
2001/04/0317:2418:00   9401CME NW Jet-like CME.
2001/04/0318:2420:00   EPL NE @ N33; E13 on disk
2001/04/0319:1520:24   9415CME SE Bright PCME loops.
2001/04/0319:3620:12   9393CME NW Small brightning.
2001/04/0403:3603:46 C4 9415  SE  
2001/04/0405:1206:00 C6 9415  SE  
2001/04/0408:000948     NE Emerging flux S of Coronal hole.
2001/04/0408:3609:36   9414CME SE Blob emission.
2001/04/0409:4810:36 M2 9415CME SE  

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