EIT activity report for
2001/03/08 daily meeting

Planner: B.J. Thompson

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2001/03/0700:0900:24 C49365 CME W Nice CME, dimming, loops
2001/03/0700:5901:16 C3     
2001/03/0705:0009:12     NW Filament activity at polar crown
2001/03/0705:0405:16 C29370    
2001/03/0706:1207:48   CME NW CME right behind limb
2001/03/0706:3608:48   CME NW Filament activity - eruption?
2001/03/0708:3208:55 C29371   W  
2001/03/0709:4809:55 C29371   W  
2001/03/0714:4615:55 C59371   W  
2001/03/0718:2421:36   CME NE Very nice on-disk dark filament
erupting and large-scale loops
2001/03/0718:2421:36  9368 CME NW Possible filament eruption
concurrent with filament
in the NE. Possibly a connected
2001/03/0719:1919:48 C79368    
2001/03/0721:0021:09 C3     
2001/03/0721:3623:48   CME E Loops erupting and dimming from
slightly behind limb. Although
this is very close to the CME
at 18:24 UT, it is probably a
separate event.
2001/03/0803:3203:52 C3     
2001/03/0808:4811:00  9370 CME N Possible CME at disk center -
flare and dimming
2001/03/0809:5211:05 C59370    
2001/03/0811:2411:48 M59368 CME NW Fast filament eruption and flare
just NW of disk center; possible
EIT wave as well (it is difficult
to tell in the 171 Å images)

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