EIT activity report for
2001/02/26 daily meeting

Planner: K.M.Schenk

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2001/02/2312:0623:47   9354   small scale activity, ERUs,
filament activation, interaction
with 9357
2001/02/2322:0923:47   9354   small ERU
2001/02/2323:0001:13 C2 9360CME  bright post-CME loops, dimming
large scale interaction w/ 9359
2001/02/2401:30       Begin CME Watch in 304A FFFres.
2001/02/2403:4805:24   EPL E narrow spray
2001/02/2405:2405:48   9357   filament activation.
2001/02/2423:1223:36   EPL NP Narrow release of material.
2001/02/2423:3623:48   9360CME SE Small eruption.
2001/02/2504:3606:24     NE Large mass of emerging flux
east of AR9359 [N15;E26]
2001/02/2513:1916:48   9359  NE Filament activation North of AR.
2001/02/2520:3622:12     CM Material connection/channel of
AR9359 & AR9360.
2001/02/2521:13    CME NP Narrow jet.
2001/02/2601:30       CME watch program changes to 195A.
2001/02/2604:4805:48   CMENNW Backside event. (Possible Halo?)
2001/02/2607:1307:48   9354CME W Large event just behind limb.

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