EIT activity report for
2001/01/16 daily meeting

Planner: J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2001/01/1223:1223:34   CME W narrow
2001/01/1303:2404:12   CME E mostly backside
2001/01/1305:2405:48   CME W narrow, backside
2001/01/1306:1206:24     S jet to SSW
2001/01/1306:3609:12   9306CME  loop brightening in AR, followed
dimming, wave to S, SW, SE
2001/01/1307:4810:49   CME E associated with disk event?
2001/01/1311:4813:13   EPL SE cusp-shaped eruptive; does not
appear to be true CME
2001/01/1321:4822:12      activation of filament channel,
(S 08, W 13)
2001/01/1401:1301:48   CME NW narrow
2001/01/1402:4803:48   CMEENE narrow
2001/01/1403:12  C8 9306    
2001/01/1405:1206:48   EPL NW Large prominence finally erupts
(probably starts before 05:12 UT,
but LASCO pol. cals. in progress
04:48 - 05:00 UT); entire area
N, NW of filament channel cleared
out by CME (i.e., looks
like coronal hole afterward)
2001/01/1406:4810:26   CME NW  
2001/01/1415:2415:48   EPLWSW small
2001/01/1415:4816:36   CMEWSW small
2001/01/1421:02       ESR (ACU reset)
2001/01/15        ESR recovery
2001/01/1522:1422:48      short filament eruption N of 9306
2001/01/1523:37  C1 9306    
2001/01/1600:1900:33   9306   loop eruption to E from AR
2001/01/1600:4002:25      spacecraft roll
2001/01/1606:3007:26   CME N cusp-shaped

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