EIT activity report for
2000/11/27 daily meeting

Planner: F.auchere

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2000/11/22     9236   Lots of small flaring activity
during the first half of the day
in AR 9236
2000/11/22      ENE Several jet like events right on
the limb during the first half
of the day
2000/11/2201:4803:00 C2    Eruption in little AR next to
the SE limb
2000/11/2206:0009:36   9231CME SW Large CME. Growing and opening
of loops connected to AR 9231
2000/11/2212:36  C2 9236   Eruption
2000/11/2216:2416:36 C7 9236   Followed by ejetion of material
2000/11/2220:1221:48   EPL NW Flow of material along a loop
2000/11/2221:4822:24      Eruption in AR close to the SW limb
2000/11/2305:3607:13   EPL SW On disk in AR close to the SW
limb. Bright, compact PFL.
Followed by a smaller event @ 07:13
2000/11/2309:12    9236   Eruption
2000/11/2311:0011:48   EPL NW Flow of filament material
2000/11/2314:2415:12   CME SW Above the limb
2000/11/2319:4821:24   9239CME DC + filament ejection
2000/11/2320:4821:24 C8 9236   + filament ejection
2000/11/2323:2423:48 M1 9236   Same kind of event
2000/11/2400:0203:12 C6 9236  DC + eruptions
2000/11/2400:4802:00   EPL SW  
2000/11/2404:0004:48 C4 9236  DC + eruptions
2000/11/2405:0006:12 X2 9236CME DC Very large event. Half wave to
the south. + filament ejection
to the north. Small cosmics raise.
2000/11/2415:0017:06 X2 9236CME DC Similar large event.
2000/11/2421:48  X2 9236  DC Similar large event. No wave
2000/11/2500:4803:48 M8 9240CME SE Large event.
2000/11/2505:2407:36   EPL NW On disk. Makes a large expanding
loop above the limb.
2000/11/2509:1210:29 M3 9236CME  Smaller than the previous events
Dimming in the south. No wave
2000/11/2515:36  C4 9236    
2000/11/2518:0019:36   EPL SE Filament eruption West of 9240.
2000/11/2518:3620:48 X2 9236CME DC Same kind of large event. Wave
to the south.
2000/11/2602:0003:12   EPL  Filament eruption // to the SW
limb. Large PFL along the
neutral line.
2000/11/2603:12  M2 9236   Small cosmics increase.
2000/11/2606:2409:12   CME NW Backsided
2000/11/2616:4818:24 X4 9236CME DC Similar large event. Wave to the
2000/11/2620:2421:36      Material flow N->S West of 9240

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