EIT activity report for
2000/11/06 daily meeting

Planner: F. Auchere

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2000/11/0300:2404:24   CME N Northern PCF goes off
2000/11/0312:2313:35   9221CME W CME right at west limb
2000/11/0316:4720:39   CME SW Filament eruption at SSW limb
2000/11/0319:3520:11   CME SE On-disk filament eruption & CME
2000/11/0320:5821:07 C5 9209  SW  
2000/11/0321:3600:23     N Filament evolution in AR
2000/11/0400:2304:11   9217CME SW Nice filament eruption at
SW limb
2000/11/0400:4706:47   9218CME N Filament eruption (?) and
definition 2-ribbon flare
activity from AR 9218-9212-
9213 complex
2000/11/0407:1907:34 C3     
2000/11/0407:3607:41 C5 9212  N  
2000/11/0408:1109:35   CME SE On-disk Filament eruption
from same place as 19:35 yesterday
2000/11/0410:2610:36 C3     
2000/11/0416:5917:59   9221CME W CME/spurt at West limb
2000/11/0418:2319:59   CME S Small filament eruption
from behind Southern limb
2000/11/0500:1702:54 C5 9218  SW  
2000/11/0500:3501:24   9218CME N Filament eruption/CME
2000/11/0511:2312:11   9221CME W Filament eruption at limb
2000/11/0515:4616:35   9212  N Filament evolution/activation?
2000/11/0516:0017:48   9212CME NW  
2000/11/0521:1321:48   CMESSW On disk, from the PCF region.
2000/11/06        Equatorial CH coming up.
2000/11/0609:48    CME SW Small event.

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