EIT activity report for
2000/10/31 daily meeting

Planner: b.j. thompson

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2000/10/3000:3001:53   9206CME NW Small possible CME from
west of AR 9206
2000/10/3003:1605:18   9215CME NW Fast off-limb CME
2000/10/3004:4205:02 M1  EOF Emily Zamkoff commemorative flare
2000/10/3008:4009:27      Last Australopithecene
inhabitant of Olduvai gorge
dies, -1.6MY
2000/10/3013:4414:06 C4 9209  SW  
2000/10/3013:4820:24   9209CME SW Dimming & CME
2000/10/3014:1323:48   CME N Filament lifts off right at
north pole
2000/10/3014:4821:12   9212CME NE Filament disappearance,
possible CME near AR 9212
2000/10/3015:2420:36   CME SE Nice filament eruption from
SE active region
2000/10/3016:0018:00      Code 680 Halloween party,
and really, what were the
odds of everyone in the branch
coming as a zombie?
2000/10/3021:0022:00      Oprah! on Channel 4
2000/10/3102:5103:07 C6 9209  SW  
2000/10/3103:2604:27   1976   Neil Young's "Southern Man"
goes platinum
2000/10/3105:4806:36   CME W Filament & CME right at W limb
2000/10/3108:3609:48   9207CME SW Small CME & dimming
2000/10/3109:0210:53   9209CME SW Small CME staring at SW limb,
limb staring back
2000/10/3109:3611:48   CME SE Possible CME starting at SW limb

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