EIT activity report for
2000/10/16 daily meeting

Planner: B.J. Thompson

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2000/10/1304:1205:00   9191CME NE Narrow jetting event.
2000/10/1306:24  C6 9195CME NW Post flare loops follow.
2000/10/1310:0011:48   EPLNNW Very slow backsided event.
2000/10/1310:2410:36 C2 9196CMESSW
2000/10/1319:13      SP Prominence/filament stretching
across S Polar crown activates.
2000/10/1401:2502:28 C3 9197CME NE With impressive Northward wave.
2000/10/1404:5005:12   9198CME SE
2000/10/1407:2508:48   9192CME SW Dimming of AR; slow event.
2000/10/1408:0012:48   EPL SP  
2000/10/1408:4809:36   CME NP Narrow event, seen in difference.
2000/10/1408:3608:48 M1 9182CME W On limb, with post flare looping.
2000/10/1412:0013:13 C8 9182CME W Large loops.
2000/10/1412:2413:13 C4 9194  SE  
2000/10/1421:4823:36   CME NE Backsided jet-like event.
2000/10/1501:1306:12   CME NE Filament eruption at [N14;W57]
triggers dense brightening of
AR9189 @02:36 UT.
2000/10/1501:3604:36   CMESSW Backsided slow event.
2000/10/1508:1709:12 C4 9199  NE AR just over limb. With PFloops.
2000/10/1513:3618:24   CME SW Opening of field lines (CME?)
at limb
2000/10/1518:0021:48   CME W Small CME just north of west limb
2000/10/1605:3206:23 C7 9182  W  
2000/10/1605:4807:13   CME W Fast CME at west limb
2000/10/1606:4009:11 M2     
2000/10/1606:4807:36   CME SW CME at SW limb

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