EIT activity report for
2000/08/24 daily meeting

Planner: K.M.Schenk

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2000/08/23        Filament in SSE still active
and elevated.
2000/08/2304:12  C19131   NW Post flare loops with AR9134
2000/08/2308:0008:24  9129 CME SW Region on limb.
2000/08/2312:30 ??     CM Filament gets very active...
THEN.. Icall @17:00-18:30 and
when return, no more filament!!
2000/08/2315:1216:12   CME SE Slow moving event.
2000/08/2323:36    CME SE Another small event.
2000/08/2402:2603:24  9140 CME NE Small.
2000/08/2409:0009:16   CMESSE Region on limb produces a
brightening and ragged CME.
2000/08/2408:4809:24 C69125   NW Rising loops/flare over limb
Large post flare looping follows.

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