EIT activity report for
2000/08/18 daily meeting

Planner: B.J. Thompson

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2000/08/1700:0000:59  9131   NE Loops forming from bright region
2000/08/1700:4802:13   CME N Northern PCF erupts
2000/08/1701:0001:59  9131   NE Bright green loops, same region
2000/08/1702:0002:48  9131   NE Loops brighter, greener
2000/08/1703:0003:59  9131   NE Loops getting greener, still
somewhat bright
2000/08/1703:4805:48   CME NE Loop system at west limb erupts
2000/08/1704:0004:59  9131   NE Data dropout - awaiting update
on loop drama
2000/08/1704:2504:55 C2     
2000/08/1705:0005:59  9131   NE Loops are back - green, still
2000/08/1706:0006:59  9131   NE Loopy things growing, greening
2000/08/1707:0007:59  9131   NE Waiting to exhale
2000/08/1708:3108:45 C49131   NE Big loopy thing done blowed up!
2000/08/1708:3609:12 C49131 CME NE Small filament expands to large
area, erupts, with flare
2000/08/1711:2412:00   CME W Another small eruption from
west limb
2000/08/1716:2418:36   CME W Another eruption from the
same region
2000/08/1716:3417:19 C19136   E  
2000/08/1720:1220:43 C1     
2000/08/1720:5721:07 C19136   E  
2000/08/1800:4802:48   CME NW Polar crown filament erupts again
2000/08/1804:1605:20 C59127   SW  
2000/08/1804:2406:48   CME SW Whole SW limb erupts in a CME
2000/08/1809:4811:36   CME E CME from AR arriving around East

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