EIT activity report for
2000/08/14 daily meeting

Planner: B.J. Thompson

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2000/08/1100:1202:24   CME NE CME on-disk and to the NE limb
2000/08/1102:3605:48   CME W CME (or at least loop evolution
off West limb
2000/08/1104:3205:46 C2     
2000/08/1107:1307:22 C39125   NE  
2000/08/1109:2409:36 C2     
2000/08/1110:4911:13 C3     
2000/08/1113:3813:47 C19114   NW  
2000/08/1114:5115:10 C19124   E  
2000/08/1115:2416:36  9114 CME NW Filament eruption or evolution
2000/08/1116:0017:12   CME W CME off west limb
2000/08/1200:0023:59 C?9114   NW C flares all day from 9114
2000/08/1200:0023:59 C?9125   NE C flares all day from 9125
2000/08/1206:4808:48   CME NW Off-limb CME
2000/08/1207:1308:48   CME SW CME/dimming (probably)
2000/08/1209:4510:09 M1   SW AR not identified by SEC
Most likely the region with
the CME
2000/08/1212:3613:48  9114 CME NW CME/filament eruption
2000/08/1215:1219:00   CME W CME off limb
2000/08/1223:1200:00   CME E CME at least limb
2000/08/1300:0004:12   CME SE Lot of filament evolution
and eruption in ARs in SE
2000/08/1300:1202:36   CME NE Darkening (CME) on disk in NE
2000/08/1302:3603:24   CME SW Large loop CME in SW
2000/08/1305:1005:24 C19124    
2000/08/1305:2406:48   CME NW Enormous CME at NW limb
2000/08/1309:0809:28 C39126    
2000/08/1312:0015:48     NE Evolution in large loops
2000/08/1318:1518:30 C29125    
2000/08/1320:1120:22 C29114    
2000/08/1321:3521:40 C19125    
2000/08/1404:1206:48   CME W CME at limb
2000/08/1404:5605:29 C89126    
2000/08/1407:3707:45 C59129    
2000/08/1412:5113:00 C29129    

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