EIT activity report for
2000/06/01 daily meeting

Planner: F.Auchere

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2000/05/3112:3613:48   CME SW Faint. Backsided.
2000/05/3113:4815:48   CMEENE Faint. Backsided.
2000/05/3117:1218:12   9021   Dimming in the northe of AR.
2000/05/3118:0019:48   CMEENE From AR on the limb or just behind.
2000/05/3121:13      SW Small loop flare above the limb.
2000/05/3121:48     ENE Loop flare above the limb.
2000/05/3121:4823:48   XXXXCME  On disk. Post CME loops @22:36
Dimming in the east of AR.
2000/05/3123:12      SW Loop flare above the limb.
2000/06/0100:3607:25     NE Loops activations above the limb.
2000/06/0104:3605:12   CMESSW Very faint. Backsided.
2000/06/0106:24  M3   NE On the limb. PFL @ 07:13.
2000/06/0107:3611:48 M1 9024CME  Initiated by a very bright long
lasting flare (07:36 07:48).
PFL @ 08:48. Dimmings mostly in
the north of AR.

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