EIT activity report for
2000/05/30 daily meeting

Planner: F.Auchere

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2000/05/2702:4804:36   EPL NE  
2000/05/2703:24      NE filament activation
2000/05/2704:36      SE loop expansion off limb
2000/05/2707:1309:00   CME SW front and backside, dimming to
due south on disk
2000/05/2708:3608:48   9017   very small loop brightening
2000/05/2709:0009:24      eruptive filament SSW from loop
bright site in 9017
2000/05/2810:14  C8   NW In erupting loops.
2000/05/2810:3611:00   CMEENE Faint, backsided.
2000/05/2815:2417:36   CMEWNW Slow opening of loops
2000/05/29     9017   Series of small flares in AR9017
2000/05/2902:1206:48   CMEWNW Backsided ? Smoke ring in LASCO.
2000/05/2912:0023:48   CMEENE Slow flows above the limb.
2000/05/2917:4818:36   EPL NE Small and fast.
2000/05/2923:3623:48   CME NW On the limb.
2000/05/3006:1207:13   CME SE Backsided.

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