EIT activity report for
2000/03/24 daily meeting

Planner: C. Delannee

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2000/03/2302:5403:25   EPL SE small prominence ejection
2000/03/2305:2406:45 ? 8915EPL  filament ejection and flare Halpha
2000/03/2307:1607:41 ?  EPL SW filament ejection, flare not
reported by GOES
2000/03/2310:0412:27   EPL NW slow
2000/03/2311:3111:44 M1    near sun center (no AR number)
2000/03/2317:3920:20   EPL SE slow
2000/03/2400:0405:03   EPL SW almost at the South Pole
2000/03/2401:1806:05  8910 EPL   
2000/03/2406:1107:26  8910 EPL  same feature as above
2000/03/2407:0110:45   EPL SE almost at the South Pole
2000/03/2407:5108:22 X18910 EPL   
2000/03/2411:0411:53 M28910 EPL  almost the same feature as above

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