EIT activity report for
2000/03/08 daily meeting

Planner: K.Schenk

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2000/03/0703:24   8898 CMESE Northward projected jet.
2000/03/0705:3606:48    CM Emerging flux North of AR8900.
2000/03/0706:36    CMENE Fast jet CME from un-numbered
region at: (N19;E61)
2000/03/0706:48   8891 CMESW Wide, jet-like event.
2000/03/0711:36     E Darkening in filament channel.
2000/03/0713:36  C88902  SE Active area.
2000/03/0714:24  C68891 CMESW Region now on limb.
2000/03/0716:12  M18902 CMESE See tailend of flare. Jetlike CME.
2000/03/0717:4819:48   EPLSSE Prominence erupted on East limb.
2000/03/0718:1218:24  8891 CMESW CME with post CME loops.
Did not see flare GOES reported.
2000/03/0720:24  C58902 CMESE With jet-like CME.
2000/03/0722:00  C98891 CMESW CME looped around to backside.
2000/03/0722:24    EPLSSE Large Prominence eruption
near S-Pole.
2000/03/0723:36  C58891 CMESW Small Event.
2000/03/0802:00  M18902 CMESE CME with post flare looping.
2000/03/0806:24  C28902  SE  
2000/03/0801:3609:48   EPLSSE Material from backside slowly
flips and twists before erupting
in Southward projection.

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