EIT activity report for
2000/03/07 daily meeting

Planner: K.Schenk

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2000/03/06      CM Large Coronal hole in Northern
hemisphere at Central meridian.
2000/03/0607:13   8901 CMEE Nice CME seen in 07:19 304A image.
2000/03/0610:14   8890 CMECM Small flare with jetlike CME.
2000/03/0610:4811:36 C58889 CMENW event loop connection with
north area before erupting @11:12
2000/03/0612:00  C48898  SE  
2000/03/0616:24  C48889 CMENW Another loop connection CME.
2000/03/0618:00   8891 CMESSW Small jet-like event.
2000/03/0620:48  C38898  SE  
2000/03/0622:12   8901 CMEE Small event with post CME loops.
2000/03/0703:24   8898 CMESE Northward projected jet.
2000/03/0705:3606:48    CM Emerging flux North of AR8900.
2000/03/0706:36    CMENE Fast jet CME from un-numbered
region at: (N19;E61)
2000/03/0706:48   8891 CMESW Wide, jet-like event.

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