EIT activity report for
2000/01/28 daily meeting

Planner: K.M.Schenk

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
2000/01/2700:0012:00      All "B" class activity in GOES.
2000/01/27       SW Prominence still elevated, active.
2000/01/2709:12      W Another prominence elevates
near equator on limb, very active.
2000/01/2713:48    CME NE Small CME from region not
numbered,south of 8846 (N27;E24)
2000/01/2716:1223:24   EPL NP Slow ejection/eruption over
N Pole. Backsided. Filament?
Seen in C2 at 20:30, twisted
structure and continued outflow.
2000/01/2717:24    8841  CM Brightening.
2000/01/2719:1320:00   CME SP Large event. Backsided, only
seen in difference, 50 deg wide.
Very large in C2 starting at 19:31
2000/01/28        Large Coronal Hole at disk center!
2000/01/2805:4807:36     CM Jetting activity and large
loop connections between
ARs 8841 -> 8845
2000/01/2806:48  C1 8848CME SE AR near limb. CME seen in
nice 304A image at 07:19 UT.
Seen in C2 at 07:54 in SSE.

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