EIT activity report for
1999/12/13 daily meeting

Planner: J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
1999/12/1001:1305:58   CME300 Prominence at NE limb lifting
off, small CME
1999/12/1009:5211:58   8788   Filament motion in AR 8788,
lots of spurts
1999/12/1013:5114:05   8791   Activity between AR 8791 and
the corona to the southwest
of it
1999/12/1016:3917:00   8787   Evolution (emerging flux?)
to the west of AR 8787
1999/12/1102:4804:13 C2 8790CME DC flare/CME/filament eruption
near disk center
1999/12/1115:0020:00     90 Rising loops at west limb
- CME??
1999/12/1122:00  C2 8793   Compact loop event
1999/12/1203:2410:48 B8 EPL NE  
1999/12/1208:2409:36   EPLSSE Near S pole
1999/12/1208:4809:36   CMESSW Faint, backside, near eruptive
1999/12/1210:1411:36   EPLSSE Filament, loop footpoints in
1999/12/1216:0022:00      Thinning of E half of southern PCF
1999/12/1221:1221:48   8793CME  Small dimming, wave S, SW of region
1999/12/1302:3603:48     NE Filament/prominence (filanence?
prominent?) eruption: starts on
disk and limb, erupts off-limb
1999/12/1303:4805:48   CME E Faint, backside
1999/12/1305:2406:12   8787  NE Filament activation

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