EIT activity report for
1999/12/06 daily meeting

Planner: B.J. Thompson

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
1999/12/0309:2409:59   EPL W Compact brightening, followed
by eruptive
1999/12/0400:1211:48   8787   Lots of low-level activity in
two of three regions in E
1999/12/0403:3604:36   8781CME  Wave on disk to NNW of region
1999/12/0408:0008:24     SE Small loop eruption
1999/12/0408:48      SE Jetlike eruption
1999/12/0420:12    8788   Bright jet from W end of region
1999/12/0421:24  C4 8788   Double loop flare
1999/12/0420:0023:48   8781   Active filament system on E edge
of region
1999/12/0508:2409:36   CME E Backside event; looks close to limb
1999/12/0517:3618:12   8788  E Filament activity & possible
CME at East limb
1999/12/0523:2423:36   CME W CME off West limb
1999/12/0602:4806:48      Interesting filament activity
just East of Disk Center
1999/12/0606:4807:13 C8 8788  E flare, possible CME

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