EIT activity report for
1999/11/04 daily meeting

Planner: K.M. Schenk

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
1999/11/0316:12    EPLNNE prominence dissapears around
back side of disk.
1999/11/0320:1220:49   EPLSSW Begins twisting and very active.
1999/11/0323:12  C9 8749  SW EIT sees end of a longer
duration flare due to data gap.
1999/11/0401:13  C3   S Simultaneous flares from both
AR 8749, 8747. GOES shows timing
of AR8749 as C3.
1999/11/0403:0003:24 C5 8749  S  
1999/11/0403:4804:00   8747  N Flare with bright post flare loops.
1999/11/0405:12  C8 8749  S  
1999/11/0408:3610:00     NE Bright post CME loops from
behind limb. C2 sees large CME
with bright front at 11:50 UT.
1999/11/04       E Large Coronal hole has come over
East limb on Equator.

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